2021 HW Tech100

January 01 2021

PollyEx’s mortgage capital markets software is designed to transform the capital markets ecosystem for mortgage lenders. PollyEx’s revolutionary technology powers the mortgage industry’s most dynamic pricing and eligibility platform, increasing gain on sale execution, automating workflows and providing actionable data analytics for mortgage lenders. The PollyEx platform is the industry’s most dynamic pricing and eligibility platform, allowing lenders to configure rule logic, manage margin strategies and distribute pricing with ease on one, centralized and fully modern user interface. The company’s integrated loan trading exchange offers price transparency, automated processes, and lower costs for all stakeholders involved in the ecosystem. PollyEx is democratizing the secondary mortgage market, empowering all lenders to compete by leveraging digital technology.

  • Capital market expenses reduced by an average of 15%
  • Average of 5 hours saved per day on routine work flows like loan pricing, locking loans and loan sales into the secondary market
  • 14bps average increase in total gain on sale execution
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