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Revolutionizing Mortgage Capital Markets

Polly operates the industry's only vertically integrated capital markets solution, adding demonstrable value to the entire mortgage value chain – from rate lock through loan sale and delivery.
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Here at Polly, we are in the business of rewriting narratives that have existed for decades. We use patent‑pending technology to automate and optimize the capital markets value chain, helping lenders of all types and sizes proactively scale their mortgage operations in an easier, far more flexible and configurable way.
Polly's platform was built in the cloud, for the cloud. The use of modern cloud technologies and a high‑performance infrastructure enable us to deliver the most advanced security, near‑infinite scalability, and access to the most sophisticated data science and machine learning tools available to the mortgage industry.
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Built with patent‑pending technology to solve the core limitations of legacy solutions, Polly's PPE is designed to maximize margins and facilitate speed, accuracy, and confidence across all loan pricing and lock processes.
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Polly's hedge‑agnostic Loan Trading Exchange seamlessly connects the buyers and sellers of mortgage loans to improve transparency, best execution, and workflow efficiencies throughout the loan sale and settlement cycle.
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Actionable data and real‑time analytics create greater operational visibility into high‑impact functions of a mortgage operation, giving users the market and competitive insights they need to make more informed decisions.
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Polly/™ AI empowers loan officers to understand and convert ineligible loans, achieve better loan outcomes, improve both operational efficiency and borrower satisfaction, and strengthen their competitive edge.

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Built by mortgage capital market experts

Polly's team of seasoned industry experts have sat in your seat, literally. We've experienced the fundamental gaps that exist in legacy solutions firsthand and are committed to doing things differently.

Take a seat, and we'll get right to work

Talk about easy; Polly does the heavy lifting when it comes to implementation and configuration. You're right there with us every step of the way, and we'll move at the pace you feel comfortable.

The customer experience

At Polly, you are more than a customer. You are a partner and our highest priority is your happiness and success. That's why we listen, we learn, we collaborate, and we seek to constantly improve for our customer partners.

Our pace of innovation

In addition to cutting‑edge features and functionality driven by client engagement and feedback, we develop updates to address new regulatory requirements quickly and in advance of compliance deadlines.

What they say about us:

"Before implementing Polly, we found ourselves in a situation where my team had to touch every loan multiple times across disparate systems… there was no seamless back and forth between systems and teams. Every change to a loan involved multiple steps and manual approvals that slowed down the entire process. Now, the entire workflow has been completely transformed. Our LOs can quickly and easily make lock change requests and edit loans all within one unified, integrated solution. It's really exciting for them and has resulted in a massive productivity boost for our organization."

Stephanie Sailor

"Polly is building the next generation suite of capital markets technology, with a unique mix of technical and mortgage banking experience geared toward solving complex challenges that have plagued the industry. By breaking old habits and redefining the mortgage process through innovation and modern technology, Polly is able to improve the daily lives of mortgage originators and solve pain points across the product management, pricing, and loan sale and securitization journeys in a very unique and forward‑thinking way."

Andrew Bon Salle

"The configurability and flexibility of Polly's solutions and the simplicity of the UI have all been a huge advantage to our teams. It is now substantially easier for us to pull the data we need to accurately price out loans and generate disclosures. From an operational perspective, Polly has delivered exactly what we were looking for, if not more. [The technology] has become ingrained in our culture, largely because we've freed our people up to have more meaningful communication and interaction with clients. All the busy work is now automated, giving our people more time to focus on the activities that deliver real value."

Jag Chopra

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