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Maximize gain on sale, every time.

Experience unified loan trading and best execution.

Polly's hedge‑agnostic Loan Trading Exchange seamlessly connects the buyers and sellers of mortgage loans to improve transparency, best execution, and workflow efficiencies throughout the loan sale and settlement cycle.
Leading mortgage lenders use the Loan Trading Exchange to sell loans with confidence via automated best execution and commitment optimization. Advanced configurability, native logic, and natural language processing tools enable the user to fully customize bidding rules and bias bids by investor, as well as automate the entire post‑sale commit process in just one click – including real‑time commitment data writebacks and automated loan delivery.


Filter, sort, rank, and analyze returned bids to evaluate the true best execution within a unified, intuitive interface.


Create and manipulate Ginnie Mae pools, and see the immediate impact of each action tracked at loan‑, pool‑, or execution‑levels.


Maximize all pool‑level opportunities and the value on each loan with sophisticated rules and embedded logic.


Take advantage of buyer discovery, early bids, and pay‑ups on desirable CRA loans; pair out of TBA trades early to cut costs.


Create custom investor eligibility, apply logic to direct sales, and benefit from one‑click bid tapes based on eligibility.


Streamline workflows via API integrations with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, PennyMac, and leading LOS providers.

Sell more loans with confidence

Trade optimization tools
Client‑specific mandatory, retained, co‑issue, and GSE securitization values provide comprehensive and accurate pricing at the loan level. Live TBA benchmarking automatically floats bids with the market, giving sellers unmatched visibility into best execution regardless of market conditions.
Enhance existing relationships and expand your network
Click‑to‑connect functionality allows lenders to easily partner with their preferred investors and begin fielding real‑time bids right away. Are you ready to expand your investor network? Open your pipeline to new competitive buyers at the click of a button, and that investor can begin bidding on day one.
Modern API integrations
The Loan Trading Exchange was purpose‑built on a cloud‑native, high‑performance infrastructure that enables users to take advantage of the most advanced agency and aggregator API integrations, as well as bi‑directional API integrations with the Encompass® LOS. Loan changes in the LOS are instantly consumed in the Loan Trading Exchange and write back after sale is auto‑triggered with automated and manual retries.
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Polly's platform has alleviated many of the industry's pain points as they relate to antiquated legacy solutions. By joining our investor network, you gain instant access to an engaged ecosystem of mortgage lenders, open the door to new opportunities, and further expand your competitive footprint.

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