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Analytics tailored to your strategy.

Make smart, data‑driven decisions in real time.

Polly's cross‑functional, actionable data and analytics enable users to leverage granular market and competitive insights to make strategic and more informed decisions in real time.
Granular dashboards and reports are tailor‑made for each lender based on your unique business strategies, creating greater operational visibility into all high‑impact functions including margin management, lock extensions, price exceptions, loan change, change requests, and more. Raw data can also be synced from Polly into existing business intelligence tools or other internal data tools for full control.


React swiftly and better align competitive strategies with data and business intel that is updated in lockstep with the market.


Analyze internal loan data to benchmark performance, trends, and where any adjustments should be made.


Captivating data visualizations are tailored to you, so you can quickly access the insights that matter most.


Engage with interactive data diagrams and analyze trends filtered by custom date range, loan type, investor, and more.


Comprehensive and fully customized stakeholder reports require zero technical support or IT lift from the lender.


Sync detailed raw data directly from Polly's platform into internal data solutions or business intelligence tools.

Creating the global standard for mortgage data

Addressing a decades‑long void
The mortgage industry has consistently trailed others in terms of data maturity and technical solutions. Say goodbye to the fragmented, unstructured, and siloed data that exists in antiquated legacy solutions; Polly aims to address these challenges head on.
Single source of truth
Polly's robust data and analytics have set a new standard for mortgage origination and capital markets data. We are hyper focused on granular, accurate, and timely data because we understand the impact modernized data ingestion, warehousing, and competitive analytics have on industry participants.
Modernized data, analytics, and business intelligence
We use state‑of‑the‑art technology to help mortgage companies, investors, and regulators make more informed decisions by delivering actionable insights into business performance, market conditions, risk exposure, growth and investment opportunities, and more.

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