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All Western Mortgage Adopts Polly's PPE to Supercharge Agility and Deliver an Exceptional LO Experience to Sales Force

May 14, 2024

Polly, the leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology and operator of the industry's first cloud‑native, commercially scalable Product and Pricing Engine (PPE), today introduced All Western Mortgage as the latest adopter of its next‑generation PPE. As the largest privately owned mortgage bank in the state of Nevada, All Western Mortgage is licensed in 28 states and has been committed to serving the needs of borrowers for more than 40 years. The company selected Polly to unlock near‑infinite flexibility, configurability, and scalability, and further position its loan officers (LOs) for success with cutting‑edge tech that enables them to be more competitive and deliver a tailored, high‑impact borrower experience.
"All Western dubbed 2024 the 'year of technology,'" explained Jeff Kauffman, National Sales Manager at All Western Mortgage. "And because we are a very sales‑centric organization, our LOs were key stakeholders in the decision to uplevel our pricing engine. Our sales force was asking for a higher degree of automation, advanced mobile functionality, and better pipeline visibility to help them serve their borrowers on demand. From day one, Polly's team spoke the same language as our LOs and it's evident they share our passion for helping them succeed. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Polly is not just an upgrade; it's a game changer."
Polly's next‑gen PPE will enable All Western Mortgage LOs to:
Quickly and accurately identify the best product for each and every borrower, ensuring that no opportunity slips through the cracks.
Manage their LOS pipeline, lock, and interact with all pricing workflows via mobile device, including post‑lock workflows, reprice extensions, price exceptions, and relocks.
Streamline a myriad of processes such as the auto‑calculation of loan amounts and identification of LLPAs that may impact specific scenarios. If a loan is found to be ineligible, Polly will also proactively display the investor's eligibility matrix filtered to specific search criteria.
Generate leads based on the company's previously funded pipeline.
All Western Mortgage also cited Polly's UI and unparalleled configurability as key drivers in the procurement decision, noting both will save back‑end capital markets and secondary teams valuable time and, increasingly important in today's environment, allow them to assume full control of evolving business strategies as the market continues to shift.
Jeff concluded, "We are first and foremost committed to setting our team up for success. We will continue to expand our mortgage tech stack to ensure our sales force is equipped with the tools and innovations they need to compete more effectively and win more business. Updating our PPE is one of many ongoing tech advancements and an important part of our continued evolution."
"I am humbled that Polly is consistently attracting organizations of All Western Mortgage's caliber," said Adam Carmel, Founder and CEO of Polly. "Our north star has always been to revolutionize mortgage capital markets, delivering demonstrable value and ROI to our customer partners. The loan officer experience is sometimes overlooked so it's invigorating to experience the dedication All Western Mortgage has to providing their salesforce with state‑of‑the‑art technology. We are honored to partner with the All Western team."
Polly will attend the 2024 MBA Secondary and Capital Markets Conference in New York, May 19‑22. To learn more about how Polly continues to pioneer mortgage industry transformation, attendees are encouraged to schedule a meeting with the Polly team, attend the MBA Secondary Tech Showcase, or visit Polly in #MBASecondary24 booth 102.
About All Western Mortgage
All Western Mortgage is a Las Vegas‑based company and was founded in 1981. As the largest privately owned mortgage bank in the state of Nevada, they are licensed in 28 states and have been in business for more than 40 years. By leveraging the in‑house talent and resources, the company keeps itself up‑to‑date and hence, remains a leader in the mortgage business. All Western Mortgage attaches its belief to the principles of trust and sound business practices.