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Curinos and Polly Partner to Empower Informed, Data-Driven Decisions for Mortgage Lenders

September 20, 2023

Platform integration increases access to industry data and analytics, delivering a more tailored experience to support effective margin decisions.
Curinos, a global data intelligence business serving financial institutions across lending, deposits, and digital banking solutions, today announced a partnership with Polly, a leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology. This strategic collaboration will leverage the combined strengths of both organizations to produce the market's largest competitive dataset gathered from industry third parties. By integrating Curinos' comprehensive market pricing data into Polly's cloud‑native, high‑performance Product and Pricing Engine (PPE), the partnership delivers granular and actionable insights that enable mortgage lenders to optimize workflows and positively impact margin management.
"Curinos is proud to partner with Polly to integrate our comprehensive market pricing intelligence into its robust PPE," noted Brandonn Dukes, EVP of Real Estate and Consumer Lending at Curinos. "Our partnership will enable clients to seamlessly analyze their market position and support effective margin decisions without leaving their pricing engine. These benefits will allow users to establish proactive margin management processes and remain competitive in any market environment."
Since inception, Curinos has aimed to provide financial institutions with the depth and breadth of intelligence and technology needed to assess their competitive position and make more profitable, data‑driven decisions amid a constantly evolving landscape.
That mission is shared with the team at Polly. The integration with Curinos comes on the heels of a year of record growth and industry adoption. Moreover, it is the next step in Polly's long‑term strategy to deliver actionable data and competitive business intel to mortgage industry participants. Embedded with Curinos' comprehensive dataset, Polly is currently in development with a next‑level suite of competitive data and analytics that will layer into its end‑to‑end capital markets platform.
"We are pleased to add Curinos to our growing ecosystem of integration partners," said Parvesh Sahi, Chief Revenue Officer at Polly. "Not only does this collaboration enable lenders to optimize their operations and maximize profitability with new data and services today, but it also lays the groundwork for Polly's long‑term data and analytics strategy. Innovation is our focus. Looking forward, Polly remains committed to equipping our customer partners with the most sophisticated data and business intelligence capabilities available."
About Curinos
Curinos is the leading provider of data, technologies and insights that enable financial institutions to make better, and more profitable, data‑driven decisions faster. Curinos brings to market a new level of industry expertise across deposits, lending and digital experience solutions and technologies. Through access to comprehensive datasets and analytics, intelligent technologies and connected behavioral insights, Curinos is the partner of choice to help you attract, retain and grow more profitable customer relationships. For additional information, please visit