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MortgageHippo Integrates with Polly to Streamline Lender Workflows

August 22, 2022

MortgageHippo, the leading consumer‑first low‑code/no‑code digital lending platform, has completed integration with Polly, a leading provider of innovative SaaS technology for the mortgage capital markets space. Through this seamless and highly requested integration, mutual customers can access Polly's state‑of‑the‑art Product and Pricing Engine (PPE) and fully customize their unique price configurations from directly within the MortgageHippo POS platform.
"We are impressed with Polly's momentum and with the way the industry continues to embrace its solutions," said Valentin Saportas, CEO at MortgageHippo. "This powerful integration enables our lender users to gain seamless and easy access to Polly's solutions. We are only getting started with the PPE technology, as future integrations will follow. We are proud to partner with Polly as they build the next generation suite of capital markets technology."
MortgageHippo's next generation platform embraces a no‑code/low‑code design to enable lenders to deliver highly tailored, constituent‑centered user experiences for both borrowers and loan officers. DLP 2.0 accelerates time‑to‑delivery through either pre‑defined templates or customized journeys, allowing lenders to originate digital mortgages profitably right out of the box. The new platform delivers the flexibility to originate through any marketing or origination channel, the agility to continuously and quickly adapt to evolving market needs, and the adaptability for lenders to embrace the accelerating pace of change across the landscape, with borrowers, partners, and technologies.
Polly operates the mortgage industry's first and only vertically integrated, data‑driven capital markets solution. Built with patent‑pending technology to solve the core limitations of legacy systems, lenders have turned to Polly's modern, cloud‑native PPE to facilitate speed, accuracy, and confidence across all loan pricing and lock processes. The company has experienced rapid growth and adoption of its flagship PPE, which boasts a highly intuitive user experience built to accommodate lenders of any type and size. Users can effortlessly configure rules, manage ultra‑granular margins with infinite dimensions, and quickly distribute unique pricing across all channels. From workflow automation to intuitive rule management and a fully customizable user experience, Polly's PPE is helping today's lenders stay in lockstep with an evolving mortgage industry.
"Judging by the rapid adoption of our cloud‑native PPE, it is clear that lenders find significant value in modern technologies and the way Polly has approached innovation within the mortgage vertical," explained Adam Carmel, Founder and CEO of Polly. "MortgageHippo's modern POS platform and our mutual commitment to customer success makes the company a great partner for us. We are proud to work with Val and his team to offer lenders seamless access to the tools and data they require to do business in this market."
MortgageHippo works with hundreds of lenders nationwide, including a broad mix of banks, credit unions, and independent mortgage banks across the country. For more information, visit the company online.