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New American Funding Chooses Polly's Revolutionary PPE to Gain Operational Efficiencies, Drive Innovation, and Enhance the Borrower Experience

October 16, 2023

Polly's cloud‑native, high‑performance engine unlocks near‑infinite flexibility and scalability, enabling NAF to bring new products to market more quickly and thrive in a challenging market.
Polly, a leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology, today introduced New American Funding (NAF), an independent and multi‑channel mortgage lender with a servicing portfolio of 250,000 loans worth approximately $65 billion, as user of its cloud‑native, high‑performance Product and Pricing Engine (PPE). NAF selected Polly to promote borrower‑centricity and support future growth ambitions, specifically citing the company's next‑generation PPE to unlock the configurability, flexibility, and scalability they needed to support an already expansive, and growing, product suite.
NAF partnered with Polly as they sought to navigate the complexities of an increasingly dynamic market using a modern and proven engine that would grant access to the most sophisticated data science and machine learning tools available. The implementation of Polly's PPE enabled NAF to: Shift its strategy to develop new, non‑traditional mortgage products and meet the unique needs of their borrowers, particularly those in underserved communities; Bring all mortgage products to market more quickly; Provide originators with a 'single universe' to access NAF's entire product suite and identify a borrower's best‑fit product; and Save their LOs time and enhance retention with an automated, modern architecture that delivered a clean and intuitive user interface.
Reflecting on her decision to adopt Polly's PPE, Kristin Ankeny Bickenbach, SVP of Secondary Marketing at New American Funding, said: "Back in the second half of last year, we knew the mortgage industry was in for a challenging 2023. I was asking myself: 'How can we maximize our responsiveness? How can we be creative and position ourselves for success in an incredibly challenging market?' As a sales‑focused organization, I knew we needed a sharp PPE to enable us to act decisively and with precision, which is ultimately what led me to Polly."
Polly's partnership with NAF reinforces the borrower‑centric ethos of both companies, while fostering a collaborative and agile working relationship. To ensure that the NAF team enjoyed a smooth transition from their legacy solution, Polly delivered hands‑on PPE training tailored to different user personas. Each team member at NAF was given the dedicated time and attention they needed during the onboarding process, which has only continued post‑implementation.
"We are honored to work with New American Funding and take the trust that Kristin and the NAF team have put in Polly extremely seriously," explained Adam Carmel, Founder and CEO of Polly. "We are now consistently attracting huge players like NAF and I attribute this to two main factors. The first is the pedigree of our modern, cloud‑native platform. Unencumbered by legacy technology, we can be agile and innovate quickly. The second is our unyielding dedication to long‑term customer success. Customer‑centricity is our superpower and will always remain a constant. We are excited to continue working with NAF and all our customer partners to push the boundaries of what is possible with mortgage technology."
Carmel continued: "We productize every idea in partnership with our customer partners, and the feedback they provide has created this sort of halo effect. We build it, and then in collaboration with our partners we take it to the next level. It just becomes this unbelievable flywheel."
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About New American Funding
New American Funding is an independent mortgage lender with a servicing portfolio of 247,470+ loans for approximately $65.3 billion and 190 nationwide locations. NAF was named #43 on the Fortune 100 Best Companies to Work For® in 2023. The company offers state‑of‑the‑art career training and provides its branch Loan Officers with innovative technologies to streamline the mortgage process.