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Polly and CoreLogic Align to Modernize the Digital Mortgage Experience

March 19, 2024

Robust API integration introduced with powerful logic and configuration capabilities, first‑of‑its‑kind rate lock integration already underway.
Polly, the leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology and operator of the industry's first cloud‑native, commercially scalable product and pricing engine (PPE), today announced its API integration with CoreLogic®, a leading provider of global property information, analytics, and data‑enabled workflow solutions. The robust integration joins Polly's vanguard pricing engine and CoreLogic's Digital Mortgage Platform, enabling today's leading lenders to harness the combined strengths and sophistication of both platforms to streamline the digital mortgage process and unlock untapped opportunities. Ultimately impacting the end borrower, this integration provides consumers with a much smoother and customizable loan shopping experience, granting them the peace of mind knowing they are getting the best available rates.
Purpose‑built in the cloud and for the cloud, Polly's high‑performance PPE was designed to maximize margins and facilitate speed, accuracy, and confidence across all loan pricing and lock processes. It was also built with an API‑adjacent product strategy in mind, creating an opportunity for optimal system‑to‑system integration that helps mitigate industry pain and dramatically improve lender efficiencies. CoreLogic shares a similar goal, with the company's "Shift Left" strategy aimed at infusing data analytics into mortgage ecosystems and workflows to drive more efficient, transparent, and configurable lending workflows.
Bob Jennings, Executive, Collateral and Risk Solutions at CoreLogic, notes, "Our commitment to unlocking value throughout the entire property ecosystem is precisely why we have joined forces with Polly. We believe in both the leadership at Polly, as well as the revolutionary tech they have pioneered in the market, and we are excited to present this integration to our mutual clients and industry participants."
"We continue to see the mortgage landscape shift more and more toward a tech‑forward mindset," explained Parvesh Sahi, Chief Revenue Office at Polly. "It is imperative that lenders keep pace with today's modern borrower and deliver the point‑of‑sale experience they not only expect, but deserve. Polly is happy to integrate with other best‑of‑breed technology partners to facilitate both better visibility in the earliest stages of the mortgage application process, as well as a superior borrower journey."
Developmental plans for phase two of the API integration are already underway, which will expand on this foundation and further empower mortgage lenders with advanced, first‑of‑its‑kind rate lock functionality. For more information about Polly, please visit
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