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Polly and MeridianLink Partner to Help Mortgage Lenders Improve Scale and Profitability in Today's Market

November 7, 2023

Bi‑directional integration grants users the option to select preferred point of entry/record, making mortgage processes faster and more efficient for lenders and consumers alike.
Polly, a leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology, announces bi‑directional integration with MeridianLink, Inc. (NYSE: MLNK), a leading provider of modern software platforms for financial institutions and consumer reporting agencies. For more than two decades, MeridianLink® Mortgage has provided the flexibility that lenders require to close loans and scale efficiently. Through this partnership, lenders can easily access Polly's robust product, eligibility, and pricing options directly from within the MeridianLink environment, and can leverage the cloud‑native, state‑of‑the‑art capabilities of both platforms to streamline and enhance internal mortgage operations.
Purpose‑built in the cloud and for the cloud, Polly's Product and Pricing Engine (PPE) is designed to maximize margins and facilitate speed, accuracy, and confidence across all loan pricing and lock processes. Integrating MeridianLink's end‑to‑end loan origination system (LOS) with Polly's revolutionary engine enables lenders of all types and sizes to ingest MeridianLink Mortgage loan pipeline data directly into the Polly engine in real time, and vice versa. By also embedding the Polly UI experience into MeridianLink's LOS, users can access the PPE from both the loan pipeline view and individual loan pages. This bi‑directional approach gives users ease of access as well as the option to select their preferred, single point of entry/record to lock loans and manage re‑locks, lock extensions, price exceptions, mortgage insurance quote writebacks, and more.
"In today's market, lenders are looking for an edge to speed up their responsiveness and boost operations with modern, tech‑forward solutions," said Megan Pulliam, SVP of MeridianLink Marketplace. "This partnership combines the power of MeridianLink and Polly to support savvy lenders who are focused on the agility and scale of their sales, lock desk, and capital markets teams. This integration is another strong example of MeridianLink growing our high performance, connected ecosystem to exceed our customers' expectations."
Because both platforms are built on a cloud‑native, high‑performance infrastructure, users benefit from added speed and connectivity, removing solution silos and improving the end consumer experience.
"Polly's scalable solutions are purpose‑built to evolve with a lender's needs and support their unique business strategies ‑ today and tomorrow," explained Parvesh Sahi, Chief Revenue Officer at Polly. "We are happy to engage in this partnership with MeridianLink, as we share a mutual passion and commitment to drive innovation and automation throughout the entire loan life cycle and ultimately, deliver high‑impact solutions to industry participants."
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