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Polly Announces API Integration with Byte Software LOS

February 22, 2024

Customizable journeys and faster results: Polly and Byte join forces to deliver flexibility, efficiency, and granularity with release of new API integration.
Polly, the leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology, today announced its API integration with Byte Software, a robust, multi‑channel loan origination software (LOS) provider. The highly anticipated integration enables mutual customers to launch Polly's cloud‑native, high‑performance Product and Pricing Engine (PPE) from directly within the Byte LOS platform, taking full advantage of the seamless data stream between both platforms. The end‑user benefits of integrating Polly's advanced mortgage pricing engine with Byte's LOS are clear, including:
Strategic flexibility: With this API integration, lenders can leverage custom fields and multi‑functional action sets tailored to their specific business needs. This allows those lenders to adopt and execute more creative pricing strategies that not only save time and drive cost efficiency but maximize margins and boost bottom line revenue.
Efficiency gains: A high level of workflow automation eliminates human error and results in a significant reduction in the time sales and lock desk teams spend on administrative duties. Post‑lock management functions include lock desk policies, automatic rate lock approvals, price exceptions, and more.
Enhanced LO experience: With easy navigation and maneuverability, loan officers can operate at a faster pace and promptly execute locks with confidence.
Centered on the principles of innovation, putting the lender customer first, as well as a commitment to world‑class service, Polly represents a stark departure from the monolithic and cumbersome pricing solutions that once dominated the industry. Purpose‑built in the cloud and for the cloud, Polly's revolutionary PPE uses patent‑pending and unmatched technology to increase speed, accuracy, and confidence across all loan pricing and lock processes.
Leading lenders are already seeing the benefits of this integration, as noted by Kelly Cochran, SVP of Secondary and Capital Markets at Stock Yards Bank & Trust. "Stock Yards has leveraged Byte as their LOS platform for some time now. When we began to explore pricing engine alternatives, we knew we wanted an advanced platform that could facilitate a high level of configurability and approachable pricing," explained Cochran. "We were initially attracted to Polly's flexibility and willingness to collaborate with their customers; Polly listens! What's more, and increasingly important in today's mortgage environment, we knew Polly's PPE would allow us to truly optimize our margin strategy and spend less. The team has worked with us every step of the way to ensure the Byte API integration was tailored to the needs of mortgage lenders like us. Since implementation, our LOs have commented on the ease of use and intuitive UI, and the engine is already saving us many administrative hours."
Byte is the latest player to join Polly's growing partner network of best‑in‑class mortgage technology providers. Access to Polly's capital markets platform and accurate pricing is made simple for integration partners via sophisticated and open APIs.
"As a mortgage technology pioneer, Polly continues to deliver unrivaled innovation with our growing customer base, advancing the industry forward via our modern and extensible PPE technology platform," said Parvesh Sahi, Chief Revenue Officer at Polly. "Byte shares our excitement to enable lenders to increase profitability and workflow efficiencies. We will always welcome and prioritize partnerships that enable us to collectively deliver value and a tailored, high‑quality experience to our mutual customers."
"In mortgage, there are 300 ways for lenders to get from point A to point B," added Mark Todd, National Sales and Client Services Manager at Byte. "Rather than stifling lenders with one‑size‑fits‑all software, our flexible, customizable LOS enables them to embrace all possibilities. Polly has adopted a similar approach with its PPE. This highly requested integration meets the lender at their point of need and presents them with a clear pathway to increase their margins and overall profitability."
Polly's scalable solutions are purpose‑built to evolve with a lender's needs and support their unique business strategies today and tomorrow. To learn more, please visit
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