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Polly Announces Technology Integration Partnership with All Mortgage Insurance Providers

May 16, 2022

Polly, a leading provider of innovative SaaS technology for the mortgage capital markets space, today announced its integration with the six primary mortgage insurance (MI) providers: Arch MI, Enact, Essent, MGIC, National MI, and Radian. These staple integrations come highly requested, not only by the mortgage originators that have contributed to the rapid adoption of Polly's end‑to‑end capital markets ecosystem to date, but also by the principal companies leading the private mortgage insurance industry.
By embedding each MI company's quoting capabilities into its state‑of‑the‑art Product and Pricing Engine (PPE), Polly streamlines the process of calculating, quoting, and comparing MI offerings across all providers to save valuable time and effort for the loan officer and mortgage lender, and ultimately, provide the optimal options to the borrower. Users receive a comprehensive list of rates, premiums, summaries on DNI impact, and more from each MI provider with the single click of a button. Polly's cloud‑native PPE will also provide an explanation when a quote is not provided, as well as actionable suggestions for changing parameters. When a quote is selected, the user will instantaneously receive documentation from the applicable MI provider. These integrations are part of Polly's core service offering and demand no additional cost from the MI companies that populate in the search results.
"At MGIC, we are dedicated to enabling efficiencies for our customers and are thankful for the opportunity from Polly to meet our customers where they need us most," said Leslie Malicki, Director‑Partner Solutions at MGIC.
Polly is proud to have established a strong partnership with each MI provider, and all share a mutual dedication to providing joint customers with a superior experience. This commitment to industry collaboration, paired with its team of experienced mortgage professionals and first‑hand knowledge of the market's evolution, will serve to further accelerate Polly's goal to drive true transformation across the mortgage industry.
"We are committed to our customers' success and equipping them with the right tools and workflow automation to navigate an ever‑changing market," explained Adam Carmel, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Polly. "We often receive feedback that legacy processes remain cumbersome and time consuming, so we are thrilled to partner with all six essential MI providers to streamline the mortgage insurance process for lenders and borrowers."
Developmental plans for phase two of Polly's MI integrations are already in motion, which will further expand on this foundation and enable mortgage originators to interact with MI quotes in a way that has never been done before.