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Polly Extends API Portfolio to Empower Lenders in New Era of Loan Delivery

August 25, 2022

Polly, a leading provider of innovative SaaS technology for the mortgage capital markets space, has enhanced its API strategy to accommodate lenders' evolving needs and help them deliver a superior borrower experience. The processes and workflows involved in the mortgage ecosystem have changed following the COVID‑19 pandemic. Polly's robust and growing suite of APIs gives leading mortgage lenders the tools they need to grow and succeed in this new era, from showcasing the latest mortgage rates based on accurate industry data to proactively delivering unique, tailored offers to their borrowers. This strategy is central to Polly's mission to modernize and transform mortgage processes so businesses can work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.
As the mortgage industry continues to shift and become more technology‑driven, lenders must keep pace to deliver the experiences that borrowers now expect. While some companies have traditionally lacked the technical resources and/or capacity to engineer their architectures to utilize APIs, many now recognize that an API‑first mindset is a requirement for the industry today. This is what will enhance process efficiency for lenders while helping them establish deeper relationships with borrowers.
With a focus on providing innovation for lenders of all types and sizes, Polly has enhanced its existing APIs as part of a long‑term strategy. The Product and Pricing Engine (PPE) API enables the user to submit a loan request and quickly yield results based on a variety of granular borrower‑ and property‑based parameters. Lenders can programmatically run scenarios to get updated rates on demand and at the borrower's point of need — a powerful tool for retail marketing sites. Users can also maintain full control over the borrower experience by plugging the API into their own interface, allowing them to leverage the PPE's core capabilities while delivering a seamless experience within their branded solution. Further, Polly recently released a new Initial Lock API as yet another complement to its lock desk workflow automation suite. As the API integrates seamlessly with the PPE, lenders can quickly and easily run unique scenarios and lock in loan prices all from one unified system.
This is just scratching the surface of how Polly's focus on technical excellence is enabling lenders to enhance their operations. Built on a cloud‑native, high‑performance infrastructure, Polly possesses the technical aptitude to support near‑infinite flexibility, configurability, and scalability, as well as limitless integrations using the most modern and advanced API technology. This infrastructure enables users to easily adapt their architecture depending on their needs and quickly integrate new APIs as required. By dynamically leveraging Polly's APIs to enhance automation, proactively engage customers with the best available products, and enhance customer service, businesses can build trust with borrowers and create valuable long‑term relationships.
"As we continue to experience rapid growth and adoption, we have received requests from lenders and many best‑of‑breed mortgage technology providers to further extend our API portfolio. So, that is exactly what we have done," explained Adam Carmel, Founder and CEO of Polly. "Our cloud‑native infrastructure allows the lender to seamlessly adapt these APIs to meet their current business objectives and future requirements, empowering them to fully customize their offering for an optimal borrower experience. Polly remains committed to delivering constant and consistent innovation, meeting our customer partners at their point of need, and providing the tools they require to drive operational success."