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Polly Unveils Revolutionary Analytics and Business Intelligence Product

October 16, 2023

Multi‑dimensional analytics solution delivers real‑time, action‑oriented enterprise, competitive, and market intel to lenders and other mortgage industry stakeholders.
Polly, a leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology, today unveiled its multi‑dimensional enterprise, competitive, and market intelligence product. Purpose‑built using advanced data science and machine learning tools, Polly Analytics can be used in conjunction with the company's cloud‑native, high‑performance Product and Pricing Engine (PPE) and Loan Trading Exchange to deliver an unprecedented amount of visibility to stakeholders, and ultimately drive predictive and informed data‑driven strategic decisions, automation, and profitability. The release of Polly Analytics comes during a record year of growth. Characterized by an innovative mindset and unimpeded by the constraints of legacy technology, Polly has experienced rapid industry adoption, underscoring its credibility as a source for mortgage market data and predictive analytics.
Polly Analytics provides access to highly granular margin and lock data sets, including day‑one margin and profitability metrics, as well as transparency into all lock desk activity: locks, extensions, re‑locks, re‑prices, price exceptions, float downs, and much more. Dynamic data visualizations also illustrate competitor benchmarking data and indices, made available to lenders that desire additional context and clarity around their margins, profitability, pricing strategies, and market performance. Lenders that leverage their own internal data solutions can license Polly's raw data to use in tandem with existing in‑house tools.
Unlike other siloed data applications available in the market, Polly Analytics unites enterprise, competitive, and market analytics in one single data solution. This eliminates procurement headaches and creates a single source of truth, enabling lenders to: Confirm their current market standing and position their organization for success using actionable, real‑time price comparisons; Continuously optimize margin and price strategies amid unpredictable market shifts; Predict trends with in‑depth pricing insights and lending profiles; Maintain a long‑term competitive position; and more.
Adam Carmel, Founder and CEO of Polly, commented: "Specifically in today's market, no one wants to leave revenue on the table. Polly Analytics delivers action‑oriented visibility into margins, profitability, and any other lever a lender can pull to drive down the cost of origination and maximize every basis point of value. We are proud to pioneer yet another advancement in mortgage technology and provide lenders with a holistic view of their business and the wider competitive landscape."
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