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Take3Tech Announces Strategic Integration of TheRuleTool with Polly's Revolutionary PPE

April 11, 2024

Highly requested integration enables LOs that price loans with Polly to access agency and investor guidelines in a single click.
Loan Officers (LOs) know that when locking a loan in today's highly competitive mortgage market, the assurance that their borrower will qualify for the selected investor guideline is critically important. Equally, on‑the‑go access to the most robust product library and accurate pricing further boosts LOs' competitive advantage. With a shared commitment to redefine efficiency in mortgage product research and pricing, Take3Tech is excited to announce its strategic partnership with Polly, the leading provider of innovative mortgage capital markets technology and operator of the industry's first cloud‑native, commercially scalable product and pricing engine (PPE). Through this highly requested integration, LOs that price loans with Polly can now access agency and investor guidelines in a single click. Early adopters cite the simplification of daily workflows and a more dynamic LO experience in comparison to legacy engines.
A Harmonious Blend of Expertise and Innovation
Take3Tech's TheRuleTool™ is a powerful software that provides LOs with agency and investor overlay information during the process of originating, processing, and underwriting a home loan. The tool leverages AI to deliver a more efficient way to manage the high volume of inquiries that are typically redirected to the help desk or underwriting departments, saving LOs valuable time and resources. The seamless API integration with Polly streamlines multiple workflows by consolidating essential tools into a single, robust platform, and significantly mitigates the risk of errors to facilitate a smoother transition from loan inquiry to approval.
Purpose‑built in the cloud and for the cloud, Polly's next‑generation pricing engine was designed to maximize margins and facilitate speed, accuracy, and confidence across all loan pricing and lock processes. It was also built with an API‑adjacent product strategy in mind, creating an opportunity for optimal system‑to‑system integration that helps alleviate industry pain and dramatically improve lender and LO efficiencies.
"Our mission at Take3Tech is to empower mortgage industry participants by providing them with knowledge via intuitive and easy‑to‑use technology. This is the new era of mortgage lending," explained Anita Padilla‑Fitzgerald, CEO of Take3Tech. "We have watched and have been impressed with Polly's new standard in product and pricing technology, so integrating TheRuleTool into its state‑of‑the‑art pricing engine exemplifies a significant leap toward realizing this mission."
Parvesh Sahi, Chief Revenue Officer at Polly, added: "Take3Tech is an innovative and dynamic player in the mortgage technology space, known for simplifying complex processes and delivering intuitive, very precise tools. Polly shares this value wholeheartedly, making Take3Tech an ideal partner to join our rapidly expanding strategic alliance network."
About TheRuleTool
Powered by Take3Tech, TheRuleTool is the go‑to search tool for mortgage guidelines and investor overlays, and has been trusted by thousands of subscribers since 2014. TRT features AI‑driven search capabilities and covers many guidelines and overlays, all meticulously updated daily to ensure relevance and accuracy. Take3Tech continues to build solutions that empower people and put companies in control of cost and quality manufacturing. Discover how Take3Tech is helping lenders take back control while lowering costs and increasing quality.